Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb. 20, 2008

My name is Bev and I have been in the travel industry in one capacity or another for 25 years. Now, I am working from home, creating vacation experiences for my customers that have remained with me over the years as well as new friends and customers that I meet along the way.

I am located in Northwest Arkansas but that really isn't a problem. I have clients all over the country. These days with hi-tech communications, it doesn't matter much where I am physically because I can be just about anywhere virtually!

I have brought my business home so that I can be more available to help my parents. They are getting older and I need to be close by. The travel industry and computers, cell phones and email all make it possible for me to do that.

For travel arrangements, you may email me at
anytime with your needs and I will do all I can to make it happen for you.